I just graduated with a bachelor’s after majoring in architecture for four years. My degree is from a no-name university in the midwest. I now live a 20 minute bike ride from both Harvard and MIT. I am embarrassed when mistaken for a student there.

I’m underqualified for the design-y type jobs I want. I’m overqualified for anything else. Try explaining to the manager at a retail or food service job why you, college graduate you, moved to the big city to hawk sandwiches.  I had an interview in Harvard Square and it pained me to divulge why I was able to work full time, no, I’m not a student, no, I don’t even know what “T” line I’m closest two. I’ve been here for three weeks now and I’m a stranger. And I’m scared.  But to some degree being scared is more comfortable than being safe. At least being scared is something you can be proud of. And you don’t have much opportunity to be scared in Muncie, Indiana. So now I’m here, in Boston.  In a tiny apartment with a boy and a cat.  And a blog.