Today I had an all-day-long saga with my mint plant. First, I noticed little black specks on it, mostly near the bottom. Some on leaves, and also some on the counter top near the plant. I thought A)someone watered it with a used coffee cup with some grounds still in it, or B) it has bugs. After googling it, I found that mint is a plant that has very little trouble with bugs, so that is unlikely. Also, aphids or mites are almost always evident to the naked eye as being bugs, while this stuff really just looked like coffee grinds. So I misted the plant with soapy water, and put it out of my mind for awhile.

Until! I was cutting up dinner and out of the corner of my eye I noticed the slightest movement coming from the plant. Could it have been a water droplet from the earlier misting? Or something more sinister? I wasn’t brave enough to inspect it much closer with my naked eye, so I got out my camera with the trusty old zoom. And now I believe that the “coffee grounds” were actually the POOP of some very strange bug. It looks just like a stem of the plant, but I think it has tiny arms and a mouth. Sort of like a walking stick? What is IT?! After google session #2, I found one lead- a picture on a blog that looks sorrrrt of similar:

It describes some various kinds of caterpillars, but none have me convinced that they are what’s eating my mint. Hopefully once the boy gets off work I will be brave enough to poke the creature with a stick and thereby gather more conclusive evidence.