After two months in a second floor studio apartment, I’m dying for some outdoor space. I try not to remember the days when I had a screened in porch, or even a front stoop. I’d never say I’m a country girl but I am from Indiana, a state where it’s hard to get far from wide expanses of nothing. Now I have a window that looks out over a parking lot.  Which made me reevaluate some of my priorities and taught me a valuable architecture lesson about space.

So when my lease is up, the second prerequisite for a new place (other than pets allowed) is some sort of balcony/porch/stoop/yard. I know I’m in the city, and I’m not asking for much. A fire escape would do. A mangy looking weed patch. Just…something to call my own where I can feel the breeze on my face.

I’ve fallen in love with the notion of a pergola and will now require one in my Barbie dream home.  When I have a rich husband and wall-to-wall bookshelves with a rolling ladder in my study.  I have actually seen a couple of these lovely structures within city limits, so perhaps it’s not too far-fetched.