after In an apartment as small as ours, one ugly thing in a whole room can distract me to the point of madness. This dresser, with it’s fake wood veneer, brass knobs, and country wheat carving, has been my arch nemesis for months. But it’s not technically mine, so I didn’t want to paint it permanently, or destroy it, or throw it out the window. Solution? Voila! Contact paper. $4.50 a roll at Rite-Aid down the street and it comes off clean. I like the bird motif because it is organic but still simple. The arches of the wings mimic the faux-claw feet of the dresser, making them seem less arbitrary. So now this Value City piece of furniture could pass for something at least from Ikea. The white brightens up the whole room, and the positive bird images are now adorning our once bland walls. I’m satisfied. And I can now finally accept this room and everything in it as mine.

[The before: if you dare]