While I’m all for upcycling, I wish people would stop taking this word so literally. Just putting something UP on your wall doesn’t count. I’ve noticed, among reputable design blogs, a recent trend of spotlighting projects made from newspaper and toilet paper tubes. These were my arsenal of craft supplies when I was nine. I distinctly remember hoarding paper towel rolls for months to make a castle I saw in one of the coveted kid craft books I always rented from the library. HOWEVER, I’d like to think that I, and the general world of DIYers, have moved past this stage.

Now, I will reserve some of my acidic judgement. These fall short of being truly loathsome. I do like the look of newsprint and I applaud any effort to keep something useful from going to the landfill. But I say leave the toilet-paper roll and newspaper projects to the kiddies, because it probably will come out looking like they made it either way.

Here are some questionable crafts reminiscent of my elementary school days: