new couch

Kitty likes the new couch

Finally, a place for guests to sit! There were some naysayers about whether we could fit a couch in our apartment but I knew there was a way! Ok so maybe it’s a liiiitle cramped, but this wee love seat folds out so we can even have faraway visitors spend the night. (Ahem, hem, hem,come visit!).

The tweed pillow used to be a pair of pants, which were already donated to me by one of my lovely college roommates. But alas, I don’t have her track-star legs, and they always looked kinda funny on me. I love gray tweed however, and couldn’t bear to donate them. So I hacked ’em off at the thigh, rolled up the cuffs, and made some  cute menswear style shorts (perfect with black tights for winter!). The leftover legs were just the right size to n0-sew into a stylin’ pillowcase, which now has a home on our new gray couch.

And our new loooove seat arrived just in time for Valentine’s day 🙂 Which means I’ll have to get on top of cranking out some Valentine’s soon! I love any excuse to make lots of cards. Possibly while sitting on the couch.