In my ongoing quest to use every tiny scrap of fabric I have (or we could just say compulsion to never throw anything away….), today I made some fabric collage/applique doo-dads. I haven’t decided what to use them for yet? Maybe adorn some tea towels or napkins? Some Easter cards, if I hurry? You probably can’t tell it’s tweed from the picture, but that orange-y fabric actually used to be a pair of shoes I loved to death. When their time had come I chopped them up hoping I could one day use the tiny bit of strange shaped fabric.  I’m very happy that that day is here and I was indeed able to prolong the life of that orange tweed. I intend to embroider them in a contrasting color thread…eventually, and I’ll probably add some more fruit and different animals to the collection. At least I know the cat likes them, since she won’t butt out of the picture.