I got a Speedball screen printing kit from work, because it was on super duper sale (I paid about $10 bucks). I’ve done some screen printing in the past but have pretty much forgotten any technique/finesse I may have developed. So I started out by reading the instructions that came with the set, which are always a good place to start, though rarely heeded. The stock instruction booklet was fairly complicated and less than inspiring (and mostly aimed to sell you more Speedball equipment). So I turned to my good friend Instructables, which had this illustrated and comprehensive advice to offer:


Take a look at these intructions and join me in some crafty fun. In a pinch you can use an old thrift store frame or embroidery hoop, pantyhose or gauze curtains for the fabric, and Mod Podge or any glue that doesn’t re-wet to black out the negative space (which are all things cheap old me would have done if I hadn’t got my spiffy kit for 80% off) ((ok I probably would be too lazy to bother if I hadn’t gotten my spiffy kit)). I’m not quite ready to get messy yet, but I’ll let you know when I do.