Art history lesson of the day…

I’ve been scouring the $1 grab bags at the thrift store across the street. It’s one of the cheapest ways to quench my lust for vintage goodies. It launched what is now officially a collection of the “Blue Heaven” by Royal China pattern. I bought nine blue mugs just because I wanted the creamer that came in the bag with them. I’m a sucker for mid-century modern, and I’ve always been a mix-and-match kinda girl. My latest find was a pitcher and two plates in Salem’s “Mardi Gras” pattern. I wondered who designed it so I began a Google quest that eventually brought me to Viktor Schreckengost, a prolific mid-century industrial designer and painter. Aside from his work for Salem, I’m pretty in love with his architectural watercolors. Check it:

"Afterglow IV" (from Viktor Schrekengost Foundation)

See the rest of his sculpture, paintings, ceramics, and industrial design at the Viktor Schrekengost Foundation website,