It’s been nearly 6 months since I’ve been to Ikea, which means I’m starting to obsessively visit their website and dream of my shopping list for my next visit. Unfortunately (or fortunately), we’ll be moving in the next couple months, so I don’t want to bring home a bunch of stuff that I will then have to drag up and down several flights of stairs. So I guess it will have to wait until September, when hopefully we will have an actual bedroom AND living room, and will be in legitimate need of some extra furniture. Then I will have an excuse!

hubba hubba

Until then I will drool over their Vino chair, which is at the top of my shopping list. Derived from Mies’s classic cantilever, I’m in love with this rendition in steel and warm wood. And at a reasonable $59.99, I think I need it in my home. Or on my (soon-to-have) deck, since it’s made of acacia and is suitable for outdoor use.