As most of you know probably all too well, it’s been blazing hot. Here in Boston it’s one of the hottest records on record. It finally rained for about an hour yesterday, but that’s the only intermission we’ve gotten from the heat in more than a week. And no, we don’t have A/C. I have been going to great lengths to keep the temperature down in the apartment, including refusing to have the stove on for more than 15 minutes and nixing the oven entirely. Unfortunately this leads to us eating out more often than budget really dictates. The other day however I stumbled on yet another lovely farmer’s market on my way home from work. We picked up some hand-made mozzerella, a baguette, and amazing blueberries that I tossed on some spinach we had in the fridge. It made for a pretty delightful, healthy, and cooking-free summer supper. Not terribly filling, but who wants to eat in the summer anyway?