It’s the dog days of summer and off have come the sleeves of my shirts. Or rather his shirts, which are now my shirt-dresses. Regardless of whose shirtsleeves we have lying around here, its excess fabric, and I of course want to make something out of it! At least as soon as it’s cool enough to turn the iron on. In my world, the simplest way is usually the best way, or at least the most likely to get done. Here, the simplest thing I could make was a bag, by hemming off the bottom (elbow region?) of the cut-off sleeve. It’s about the right size for a bottle of wine, making a nice wrapping for a hostess present or just a way to disguise our passion for 3-Buck-Chuck.

(ps. arg! I’m at the library and I took my camera memory card out of my computer before i left…without actually UPLOADING the pictures. so I guess you’ll have to wait.)

((pps. Without any more ado, I found the pictures, and here they are.)