smell pretties

Who doesn’t want their drawers to smell pretty? Let’s be honest. A friend of mine gave me a lavender sachet a while back and it’s been delighting me every morning since. It might seem fussy to you, but really….take a whiff. Plus lavender has calming and soporific qualities, which come in handy when you’re feeling just chalk full of creative juices and can’t sleep at night. And since it’s already half way through August, it’s about time to start thinking about Christmas presents. (I know, I’m crazy, I’m going to go sniff my sachet and relax.) But seriously, I think most of us can agree it’s nice to be frugal, heartfelt, and relatively anti-materialistic when it comes to gift giving, and we also all know that if I intend to make most of my Christmas gifts by hand, its going to take the next four months. And then in December I’ll give up and buy all my friends scented candles. But right now, in August, while the lavender is fresh on the vine (?), I’m going to start cramming it in some appliquéd sachets. Complete with a hangy-doo-dad so you can stick it on your tree four months from now. I bet you can’t wait.