We wnt for a drive to see the fall foliage last Saturday (and to eat apple donuts, etc.) After several increasingly pathetic hints, my obliging driver agreed to stop at a barn sale so I could poke around in all the rusty things I love so much. Here’s one.

And here, on the other hand, is the shiny new Zipcar we had for the day. Meet Sully. He’s a green Kia Soul to match the apples he let us carry home in his back seat. Ok the personification is getting creepy, but I love Zipcars, and I like that each one you borrow has a name. I like that there are so many different models to suit your needs or mood, they are all over the city, and you only have to deal with them for as long as you need them. Boston is easy to navigate between my feet and my T pass, but for those occasional trips to Ikea or the orchard or the beach, Zipcar is where it’s at.