I’ve been meaning to try one of these little books for awhile now, and the overabundance of paint swatches in my house finally gave me the excuse I needed. I’m always making lists, I love tiny notebooks. This is a great way to use up those little scraps of junk mail that would otherwise get thrown away. I cut scrap paper to a roughly uniform size and folded it in half with the blank side out to make the pages. I also made a couple pages out of pretty stationary to spice things up a bit. Then I clipped the pages together with binder clips and spread a bead of tacky glue along the edge. The book jacket is made from a paint swatch, wrapped all the way around the book and overlapped to show off the colors. I might add a little button closure eventually, but hey this is just a prototype. The lining on the inside of the book is from a security envelope (which I can never make myself throw away for love of the patterns). Hopefully my enthusiasm will last till I’ve made a few more and my supply of paper scraps begins to dwindle. Maybe add a personalized doodle on the cover for some Christmas presents?