I love paper. Wrapping paper, cards, place cards, to/from tags, all the festive accoutrements of the holiday season. I love them so much that I hoard them in a box in my closet. It does come in handy once in awhile, like when I suddenly realize that we’ve planned a pre-Christmas event with Brad’s family, and I have lots of things to wrap and haven’t yet dug any of the decor out from under the bed/the cat’s secret lair. Since I didn’t feel like lint rolling all of our stockings, I just made a couple out of last year’s wrapping paper to hold some goodies. Then I used craft paper (that had been packing material in a previous life) to wrap a few presents, and dolled them up with a snowflake and improvised bow, both also made from last year’s wrapping paper. Ta-Da! Saving money on wrapping paper means I can spend more on your presents!