My ever-helpful betrothed has expressed concern that “no one will know I’m the bride” at our wedding if I don’t have a veil, so I guess I better have one. Just in case he gets confused. I turned to the internet to see what normal brides stick in their hair:
Anthropologie’s new wedding-themed sister shop is, of course, full of pretty-pretty (and sometimes ridiculously fruufy) dresses, shoes, and doo-dads. Well and good, but I’m not paying $150 for a few scraps of fabric glued to a bobby pin, all in the name of tradition. I will, however, dig an old water-spotted silk shirt out of my goodwill pile in the name of tradition. And then I will cut it up into petal shapes and sew them together. I was pleasantly surprised by how much silk actually does resemble flower petals. I had these gold leaf-shaped bead spacer thingamajigs accumulating dust and glitter in the bottom of my craft box, and I thought they would be a nice addition to keep the autumn theme going. now I just need some tulle from the fabric store, which I will dutifully hot glue to some hair pins and stick to my head on the big day, so there aren’t any cases of mistaken identity. And now I can spend the $148 I saved on a donut cake instead 🙂