Ha! Get it? Tights.

Another edition of “Easiest Craft Ever.” I had these baby blue footless tights

hogging space in my sock drawer. When am I going to wear baby blue tights? The 80’s? Since I missed that train, and I don’t know how to get ahold of Olivia Newton John to see if she might want them, I decided to chop them up and make

them more useful.  Basically, I just cut a wide strip off the waist band and BAM: bandeau (which in the fashion world is a fancy word for an overpriced strip of stretchy fabric). Perfect for modesty under this spring’s sheer tops.

thumbs up for recycling!

After that endeavor, I was left  with two long leg pieces, which I knotted into colorful, stretchy hair bandanas. I also cut a couple rounds from the ankles to use as hair elastics. This would be a useful way to repurpose any old tights with runs, especially ones in cool patterns or bright colors. Or just use the ugly ones to corral plastic bags under your sink. Like I do. I know, the glamorous life of a tree hugger.

<–my glamorous new headband