Check out these cutie pies.

This lucky girl got a sewing machine for Christmas, which is awesome, but I’m not the most patient person in the world so it’s April and I’m still mastering the art of threading needles and loading bobbins. Luckily my better half remembers a good deal from home ec class and is MUCH more patient than I. He swoops in to show me the way, and keeps me from stomping off every time the thread breaks, the needle snaps, or the machine makes a weird clonking noise. While I am wont to run for the fabric glue or iron-on tape, I think this may be something I can master.

I’m starting small. I decided to break into my cache of upholstery samples to make a pin cushion for my friend’s birthday and a few more for myself. Of course I don’t need eight pin cushions, but it’s good practice. Maybe you need one? Or maybe I will take up playing bean bag toss. With my very own sewing machine there is a wealth of possibilities…