Brad’s and my birthdays were both this weekend, so I needed something that says “party time.” And what says that more than ripped up sheets?

I’m so over the bunting flag trend, but I wanted to make some cheap  and easy decor that we could use to dress up the reception hall in October.  So I thought this could be a good updated version, a little less cutesy and a little more modern. Then about five seconds later Urban Outfitters jumped on board and used ripped fabric strips in their window displays for the summer…so as I write this I’m kind of already over the fabric strip banner trend too. But I’m rolling with it, because we can’t all be two steps ahead of every fleeting decor whim, now can we?

Anyway, all you do is take whatever fabric you have on hand or can find in your goodwill pile, and rip it up. Or give it to your cat who will shred it to pieces with her razor claws. I used some old sleep shorts for the yellow you see here, and plan to add some other colors/lengths/textures. Then you just knot the strips along a longer strip or rope at whatever lengths you like. Now hang it up for all the world to admire in its free and recycled glory.