Two posts in one week! I’d say that’s pretty impressive considering the hours I’ve been putting in at work.

I’ve been wanting to make some notebook covers to gussy up cheap drugstore notebooks. In case you hadn’t noticed, I love lists. And I love writing lists in beautiful notebooks. But sadly, I cant afford beautiful notebooks all the time. That’s where this re-usable cover comes in.

My sleepy-head boyfriend is basically dead to the world on Sunday mornings, but I can never sleep in much past 7. So last Sunday I decided to be productive and start working on a test version of a notebook cover. I used the remnants of some “khorts” (that’s khaki shorts, yall) that I had elegantly ripped off for Brad. The fabric was rugged and contrasted nicely with the little hint of paisley that I used for the pen pocket. I like the diagonal pocket shape, but I must admit it was only because my bobbin ran out half-way through and so I just folded it that way instead of changing out the thread. Laziness is the mother of invention. It took me less than an hour to make before I was back to jumping on the bed in an effort to roust my breakfast partner. Crafting on an empty stomach is dangerous!