I assure you I HAVE been crafting, it’s just mostly top secret! But here’s one little ditty than I can share, and I assure you anyone can make it. In one minute. For free . I saw the original version here, and thought it would be perfect to use up the scraps of scraps that I just can’t part with. I have a bunch of tiny pieces of cute prints on hand from making our wedding napkins from old thrifted sheets. I actually already used the biggest of the scraps for another (secret) project, but then there were smaller scraps from that project that were “still good.” (As my Dad would say, about things in the back of the fridge.) I didn’t have any floral wire, so I cut up an old wire hanger, which made these a little more substantial than the original version. All you do: rub a glue stick all over a piece of fabric, then make a sandwich out of that piece and another piece, and stick some wire (or a toothpick…or a pencil would be cute…) in the middle. Then cut it into the shape of a leaf with some notches around the edge for veins. (Ok it was originally a feather, but leaves go better with my fall color scheme, so I have donned mine “leaves.”) I normally hate glue sticks, but bonding fabric together like this is actually a pretty cool way to use one. Not sure what these leaves will be for, yet.  Boutonnieres? Cake toppers? Either way, I’m just happy they’re not in the trash.

Oh and we’re taking a little road trip to the Brimfield flea market tomorrow, so hopefully I find some goodies to show you!