Now that all that weddingschmedding stuff is out of the way, I can really get down to crafting! Get ready in the next couple weeks to catch up on all those projects I was keeping under wraps this past year. And maybe some new stuff, too.

For starters, these little numbers are the gifts I made for my lovely bride’s maids. I tested out a manly khaki one awhile back, but here’s the cute version, made from the vintage sheets that I also made my napkins from. (Shhh, those are just dollar store notebooks under the thrifted fabric covers.) Then I stuck an orange pen and some retro style orange-wrapped gum so the girls would have all the essentials at hand to simultaneously remember all my bidding and have fresh breath. With Christmas around the corner, these can be easily customized by switching out the fabric or even adding an embroidered or printed monogram. Because who doesn’t love notebooks? What’s that you say? Not everyone likes to make lists as much as I do? Nonsense.