Dropcloth Pillows Going in to our wedding planning process, I knew that doing it from afar would mean using things I wasn’t particularly attached to and dropping it all off or foisting it on our friends after the event. So I focused on accumulating decor that was as cheap as possible while still being earth-friendly and cute (duh.) What I didn’t know was that my mother-in-law is arguably better at hoarding things than I am. So when they came to visit for Thanksgiving, they brought along an SUV full of mugs, table cloths, paper goods of all sorts, etc. I was powerless to say goodbye to these goodies twice!

Now I have four times as many mugs as we could both use if we were drinking out of both hands and probably both feet. And several more for the cat. I also have probably 60 fabric napkins and 10 table runners. Considering we break out the big formal dining table (aka work desk aka two saw horse legs and a piece of wood) only about once a year, I figure that leaves me at least 6 extra runners. (Yep, by my conservative calculations I still NEED four. Ahem.)

So I set to work getting some more use out of this fabric. If you remember, it was initially a dropcloth, because you’d be amazed at how cheap dropcloths are for a linen-looking fabric source. Then it was a table runner. And now it’s pillows! We had some cheap Ikea pillow inserts lying around that attract cat fur like whoa. With just a couple simple stitches they can at least add “-chic” to their shabby. But wait! There’s more. As soon as I can get up from this comfy couch with these commmfyyy pillows, I’m going to print on them with some spicy pop-color designs. I bet you can’t wait.