Did I mention how many table runners I have? I decided to decorate them! Some for me, some for gifts andddd some for my Etsy shop that I had completely let fall to the way side over the past year or so. But I’m getting my crafty act together now! So head on over here, and check back in the next couple weeks for more goodies.

Now this was a process that gets you a lot of visual bang for your buck. I had originally been at the art supply store looking for block printing ink that you could heat set, but there is evidently no such thing (if you know of one…let me know!). I didn’t want to deal with the oil based kind, so I picked up a jar of fabric paint in the next aisle over. I did some tests when I got home, and the consistency of the fabric paint really wasn’t stellar for block prints. (Side note: I also tried regular acrylic paint from a tube, and that worked reasonably well and although it’s water-based I’m pretty sure it wouldn’t wash out…but that’s an experiment for another day.) So I scrapped that whole idea, and instead used masking tape to make a design on the runner and painted it in with a brush. Now it’s dry and I just have to heat set it with an iron to make it washable! Hoorah!