…with decorating projects!

Truth be told, we’ve been using most of our long holiday weekend to lay on the couch under cozy blankets and sleep all day. But that much-needed rest also is giving us some energy to work on some projects that have been on the docket for far too long. This lattice was scrounged from outside our building’s dumpster, originally to be used as a place-card holder for our wedding day.  It served its original purpose beautifully, may I add, but ever since it has been laying around our living room because I can’t seem to part with the rustic hunk of junk. Now, we’ve long been hankering for a big affordable piece of wall art to hang above our couch. The need to break up the gray has grown more dire  since my overwhelming love of neutrals caused me to inadvertently buy a couch the same color as our walls. But large pieces aren’t cheap, and I’ve already got the salon wall going on the other side of the room, so it’s pretty much been bare since we moved in. Until now! We hit up the hardware store on New Year’s Eve (yeah, we know how to party) to pick up some drywall anchors and threaded hooks. Up she goes!

I think it’s still calling out for a little color, though it would make the perfect display for year-round decor. We missed out on hanging ornaments from it this year, but maybe some flowers threaded through come spring, or leaves in fall…or…..? Suggestions?