This project photo is a two-fer!

Firstly, we’ve had this cheapo hardware store baker’s rack dealy for some extra storage in our kitchen. It does its job just fine: holds the toaster and microwave and is a good sandwhich station for packing our lunches. The only problem is that any wayward crumbs would fall down onto all of our pots and pans. I tried remedy this “temporarily” by laying down some uber classy lenticular kitten placemats that we had. They had been there for more than a year when, last weekend, we finally said enough kitties was enough kitties. We picked up this board for $7, and the hubby chopped it down to size and cut off the corners so it would fit perfectly in the shelf. We oiled it up with some mineral oil and now we have a somewhat fancier and definitely more practical sandwich station.


Secondly! I am prone to scouring the clearance aisle at TJ Maxx for ridiculously cheap junk. My latest find was this stretched canvas wall art for $2.50. The girl at the checkout even commented on how thrifty all my purchases that trip were. Cha-ching. It came complete with some weird abstract popcorn design, which may have been fine for someone’s family room but wasn’t really my thing. So I started out by painting over the original image with white acrylic paint for a blank…canvas. I’ve been working long hours lately though, and haven’t exactly had the time or inspiration for a masterpiece. I just needed some color on my walls, pronto! So I proceeded to go to town with some masking tape and a couple more layers of paint. It’s always a fun suprise to take the tape off at the end! Now, I’m not in love with how this particular piece turned out (still an upgrade from popcorn) but that’s the beauty of this project. For just a couple bucks, I’m not afraid to paint over it again and again as my mood changes. So keep your eye out in clearance aisles and thrift stores for cheap art that needs a good makeover.

(Oh and this project inspired me to overhaul some other canvases I had around, in a slightly different manner, so check back later for those updates!)