For valentine’s day I carved these stamps for Brad. I was worried about getting a likeness at such a small scale but they turned out pretty recognizable. Ok, in the actual stamp version we look like zombies, but once it’s on paper the resemblance is a little more evident! I think they will be cute stamped on mail, lunch bags, etc.

  If you’ve got a couple bucks and a few hours, you can make some too. I just took a few favorite photos of us and sized them so our heads were equally proportioned. Then I brought them into Illustrator and used the live trace function to quickly make a black-and-white, bare-bones image. Then I printed out the pics, traced over them with pencil, then rubbed that pencil image onto a rubber block. You could use an old eraser in a pinch, but the blocks are pretty cheap at art supply stores too. I set about to carving, VEEeery carefully, the teensy images. It helps to do a test print when you are almost but not quite finished to see where exactly you need to shave a big more off. I intended to mount the stamps to some kind of handle before presenting them but the 14th snuck up on me, so I just shoved them in a jewelry box instead for now. Just make sure you clean up all the linoleum shavings really well if you intend to surprise someone living in your apartment!