I got this bike as a bday present two years ago and now it’s only fitting that I give IT a birthday present this year: a pretty lil basket. My old bike (RIP) had giant baskets on the front and back which were great for carrying six packs and watermelons and what not. However, the added weight and bulk on an already massive fendered steel bicycle made it almost impossible for me to carry that beauty up the stairs. Which is why I always left it outside and it was inevitably stolen. I’m sure by some needy child who will care for more than I ever did. But I digress.

This time around, I wanted something a little lighter. I’m saving my pennies for a fancy pannier, but in the meantime, farmers market season is here and I needed a quick, cheap way to bring home any veggies I might acquire. So I bought this wicker basket in Target’s dollar section, and zip tied it to my handlebars. Not the world’s sturdiest get-up, but it will certainly do to tote some fresh spinach home from the market until  I feel like making a little more of an investment.


Ps. Notice that gunk on my bike tires? I rode through a big pile of petals under a flowering tree one night. What was so magic in the moonlight by the morning never is.