I think it’s actually the year of the snake, but sloths are way cuter. Also it would be silly to make a snake out of felt, because they are not fuzzy.

I apologize profusely that my last post was in September. I am embarrassed myself,  but the holidays (which in retail basically means from Labor Day through New Years) have been very busy for the Hornwinkler household, and have left little time for crafting. But it’s a new year! So here we go:

IMG_6033I made this little guy to hang on your Christmas tree. I meant to make several and give them as presents, but I only got done with about one in time….so look forward to next year, friends! I think he’s pretty cute. He likes to just hang around.


He’s not very quick on the draw, but other than that he can be a good guard sloth when hung from a door knob.