Unfortunately my valentines were a little late this year due to a BLIZZARD that shut down the post office. But I think they make up for timeliness with adorableness, no? I had seen a tutorial for gum paste roses online somewhere and thought they were cute as the dickens. I’m not much of a baker, but I did have some old polymer clay in my craft box so I followed the same principle to make the roses and then baked them. The clay was super old and hard, but luckily my husband has big strong hands so I convinced him to condition it for me. Then I rolled it into a log, sliced off thin circles, overlapped the edges of the circles into a chain of around 7, and then rolled the whole thing up into a flower.

I hadn’t really thought as far as what I was going to DO with these cute tiny flowers. At first I thought they’d make nice pins, but I didn’t have any pin-backs and safety pins just didn’t quite work out right. I did happen to have some swanky gold paper clips on hand, so I decided to use those to make book marks. I made some clay leaves as a backing piece, baked those and then made a hot-glue sandwich of rose, paperclip, and leaves. Theoretically, if you had really small, nimble fingers, you could attach them all before baking and not need glue, but I found it was too easy to squish them that way. I only had white clay, and I actually liked the look of  it plain, but a few of the flowers got a little goobery because the clay has a tendency to pick up any stray linty bits from your table. Not wanting to waste my hard work, I just painted the goobery ones pink. Good as new!








IMG_6035Pair it with some kitty valentines and you’re good to go.